Alfred vs Asenati



I have blogged about Asenati before. She is reasonably well known in political circles on Twitter for being rather aggressive on Twitter, resorting to personal attacks, and blocking people for things most other MPs wouldn’t, such as asking reasonable questions.


I found this exchange between Alfred Ngaro and Asenati when I was doing data collection for the Twitter Stats post this week. Now, the question that Asenati asks is  within reason, it is related to the announcement of $10.4million over two years for sexual violence services. Questions can be asked about the timing of this. But I am more interested in the tone of the debate. As the conversation goes on, the tone goes down. There is no need to resort to personal attacks, or abuse. All it does is make the MPs involved look petty.

Asenati vs alfred


If you are an MP, try and keep the tone positive, don’t resort to personal attacks. Now there may be an element of their working relationship that makes this expected as part of their interaction, but if that is not known to people on Twitter it will affect how the interaction is read.