Come discuss with Clayton commerce?

Tamati Coffey is the Labour Candidate for Rotorua. Many people will know him from his time as a weather person on TVNZ. He has returned from overseas and is hoping to remove Todd McClay. As part of his campaign he has had a number of Labour MPs come up to visit Rotorua for speaking events. I believe David Cunliffe was there recently. To support this, the Labour Party graphics people at Parliament have been producing graphics to help promote these visits. The one that was used for Clayton’s visit caught my eye.


Even though it is only a social media graphic, for a candidate who has a hard fight to win the seat, the person creating the text still needs to be careful. At the moment, it essentially reads as a name, “Clayton commerce”. There is a need for some form of separation, be it a full stop, a colon, or one of many other ways to separate and distinguish the name from the from the substance of the sentence.