Getting the basics right

One of the issues we all come across when using the internet is the fact that computers do what you tell them to do, not what you think you told them to do. This means, if you put in the wrong address, you end up at the wrong website. Unlike a person who will adjust if you give them the wrong street address.


As a party leader or party official, if you send a tweet with an address in it, you should make sure that the address is correct. Easiest way is to copy and paste addresses from your browser. But when it is the address of the website of your party, you should know that off the top of your head.


But apparently Kim Dotcom doesn’t know this.


dot com2


This prompted the following comment.

dot com 3


Now, I clicked on the link Kim tweeted and it goes to this website. I suspect they are going to get a lot more hits today than normal!

dot com


If you are a party leader, or party visionary, or a candidate, make sure you get the basics, like web addresses right!