Greens, Berl and the pre-PREFU

Today is PREFU day. The lock up started at 10am this morning. Before the PREFU lock up, the Greens held a press conference. They have commissioned  Berl to analyse the Governments accounts and projections. I will leave it up to others to blog on the content of the announcement and the analysis. But I would like to comment on one element of the social media promotion of it.


The Greens account ran a series of quotes from Russel Norman during the press conference:









However, the tweet that I want to talk about is this one, that was sent early on:



There is a specific mention to the release of the report. So I double checked the Green party account time line and counldn’t see a link, so I went to the Green Party website to see if there was anything up there. But there wasn’t anything there. Until Russel Norman’s account tweeted:


The Green Party retweeted this as well, and was the first mention on their feed of the link to the information. This tweet went out at least 50 min after they said they were releasing the report. The post on the Green Party website didn’t go up until 0930 either.:


Live tweeting press conferences is a good thing. But if you are going to tweet about releasing a report, then there should be a link in that tweet, or in reply to it, that takes you to where you can get the report from. Posting the information 30 min afterwards, and then tweeting the link 20+ min after that is not the way to get people to actually look.