I’m vote Green avatars

A key party of any campaign is getting out the vote. In the past that has been done by calling people up on election day, asking if they have voted and offering them rides if they need it. But as social media has become part of the campaign tool box for the main campaign, it has also become part of the get out the vote campaign. I suspect we have all seen the climate voter stickers on peoples profile photos. The Greens have started promoting their I’ve/I’m voted/voting Green avatars. They have posted about them on Facebook:


The idea is that if you are planning on, or have, voting Green, that you change your profile photo on various social media platforms to encourage people you know to get out and vote Green.  The post now has 445 shares and 1640 likes, so it is also helping spread the message. They have made both of the image options available for down load on their website:


This will help maintain the quality of the images being used. As they hopefully won’t be being downloaded from Facebook and reuploaded and therefore being recompressed each time.


But there is one issue that the Greens haven’t addressed. There is no advice on either the Facebook post or the page telling people that they need to remove them as profile photos if they wish to use social media on E-day. I doubt the Electoral Commission would do much about it, but is it really a risk that people would want to take if they knew about it? If you are running a social media campaign that has legal restrictions around it, do you have an obligation to make people aware of those restrictions?