Kim Dotcom and polls

I have already blogged about Kim Dotcom and his promoting of self selecting polls. He was promoting an online poll on Stuff which had 18% of respondents saying they would consider voting for the Internet Party. Now last night we have him promoting another self selecting, text in poll from Campbell Live.

kim poll


Firstly we have Kim claiming that policy is going to be created by a Wikipolicy process, now he is tweeting what he claims is Internet Party policy. Part of any good PR campaign should be message consistency. That seems to be lacking here. One day we are seeing one message, the next we are seeing it contravened. The only message that I see being consistently stuck to by the Internet party and Kim is that the whole project is about Kim. What Kim says goes. This is not a good basis for a party, even more so when it is a party trying to claim members will be deciding policy and candidates, despite evidence to the contrary.