Labour’s problems run deeper

One of the key elements of any social media campaign, should be consistency, quality and impression. Even more so when you are talking about a lack of jobs and how the “Local Labour team are on the case”.

The image below has a couple of issues. Firstly the members behind David Cunliffe don’t look overly interested in what is being talked about. They all look rather glum and bored. Like they don’t want to be there? Add in a basic error of misspelling raffle on the chalk board in the lower right, and the image that is coming across is a party whose members appear to be unenthused by what their leader is saying.

Now, I am not saying that this is actually the case, but that is what the image is saying. Now either it is the case, or the people choosing the image are not thinking about what the image might be saying. Or maybe they are and this is the image they are wanting to portray for some reason?

david cunliffe spelling