People to follow on Twitter: Jordan Carter

Jordan Carter is reasonably well known around politics and Twitter. In 2008 he was Labour candidate in Hunua and in 2011 he was a list only candidate for Labour. He missed out on getting in to Parliament. He has a back ground in internet policy and strategy. Since the 2011 election he has stepped back from party politics. In 2013 he was appointed Acting Chief Executive of InternetNZ. He has since been appointed as Chief Executive. He has completed a MA in Politics, looking at rising state involvement in broadband markets 2000-2011.


With the launch of the Internet Party, this year’s election campaign is going to feature a lot of discussion around issues to do with the roll out of Ultra Fast Broadband and other topics to do with the internet. So with Jordan’s political background and his knowledge of the policy questions around the internet makes him a person well worth following.


Jordan doesn’t just tweet about politics and policy. Which is what makes him such an interesting person to follow.

jordan carter 1





jordan carter 2





He also lets his sense of humour show through, which results in some rather funny retweets.

jordan carter 4






jordan carter 7






Though, some of the tweets do sound like a bit of a foreign language, though I am sure he can explain what it all means if you asked him.

jordan carter 6





Jordan will be well worth following this year, I am looking forward to hearing some of his insights into the policy areas around the internet and telecommunications that are bound to come up in this years election campaign.