Politics and April Fools

We all know that those of us involved in politics can some times take things a little too seriously. Every once in a while it is worth having a bit of a laugh, while still making an important point. April Fools is one of those days.


The Greens have a history of doing April Fools press releases, back in 2012 they announced the addition of 4 new co-leaders, with some great quotes to go with it.

The Green Party has pioneered the co-leadership model which has helped us provide representative and dynamic leadership. We think the time has come for further innovation, said Green Party Co-leader Dr Russel Norman.

We will be introducing a more inclusive model of leadership that covers youth and rainbow representatives, said Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei.

The Green Party is launching today a broader leadership model that will include male and female youth and rainbow co-leaders. The additional co-leaders will be Holly Walker, Gareth Hughes, Jan Logie and Kevin Hague.

Green Party Co-leader Jan Logie added, “This is a great opportunity it has happened pretty quickly but I think I’m ready to take up the challenge.”  

I have managed to get hold of a copy of this years April Fools release form the Greens,  I can’t find it online, so it is reproduced in full below. I have only removed contact details.

Subject: Greens launch safe riding to parliament policy – Green Party media release

1 April, 2014


Greens launch safe riding to Parliament policy


The Green Party today announced they will replace the expensive crown limo service with horses and encourage other alternatives.


Launching the policy at the long forgotten stables out the back of the Parliamentary Library Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei said the Safe Riding to Parliament policy would make our roads safe for everyone and improve the health of our politicians.


“For the price of one new Crown limo I reckon we could sort out a horse for everyone,” Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei said today.


“In 1890 all ministers rode horses, now days the stables behind Parliament stand empty.


“We sent an email around the office and 99% of people thought it was a great idea. Julie Anne Genter was too busy riding her bike though. But we’re sure she’ll be keen as.


“We need to turn around the decline in horse riding numbers. When Ministers ride horses it’s good for their health and learning, it eases congestion, and it benefits the environment. We just need to make it safe,” Mrs Turei said from horseback.


According to the New Zealand Equine Institute Governing Horses (Neigh) safety is the main reason Ministers stopped riding horses.


“I rode a horse once, no twice, the first time I did it bare back,” said Green Party Co-leader Russel Norman.


“Horses are heaps of fun and we can collect the horse poo and make fertiliser,” Dr Norman said.


Other Green MPs were also leading by example. Denise Roche was building up to swimming to Wellington by dog paddling to Auckland from Waiheke on sitting days.


Catherine Delahunty was doing her bit too by astral projecting to Wellington.


Mrs Turei said in Government the Greens would set up a fund to encourage alternatives such as dirigibles, waka and sleighs drawn by companion animals paid a living wage.


Contact details:
Luke Stewart, Political and Media Advisor, 04 817 6720


Authorised by Eugenie Sage, Parliament Buildings, Wellington


The Taxpayers Union also joined in, congratulating Winston Peters and New Zealand First for repaying the $158,000 they are alleged to owe the tax payer.

april fools 7


Now it is great that organisations like The Greens and The Taxpayers Union see the place of humour in attracting attention and making a political point. However there is another side that needs to be considered. Cameron Brewer posted the image below, after 1200 today, which is the traditional cut off time for April Fools. It is of course a dig at Winston’s comments about Huka Lodge having been sold. Considering the date, it was obviously intended to be a joke.

april fools 6


However, a New Zealand First candidate didn’t take it as a joke. He shared the photo, with the following comment:

april fools 3


Now, I am not going to comment on his inability to correctly tag a person in the status. However, when you are a candidate for a party, particularly a serious party currently in Parliament, it would be wise on 1 April, or any day for that matter, to check the media before relying on a social media post like this as proof of something happening.

Now, Cameron Brewer has come in for a bit of stick about posting an April Fools after 1200. Including comments from the main stream media.

april fools 2

april fools 1

As a politician, there is lots of attention to be gained from taking part in April Fools, however, make sure you do it right. Also, if you are a politician and see someone else post something, make sure you confirm if it is an April Fools or not before jumping on board and making a fool of yourself!



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