Raymond Huo takes aim at Winston

We all recall Winston’s comments on the weekend. Well Raymond Huo has taken aim at Winston today.


It is good to see MPs taking stands on the issue of some of the comments that have been made in this election. This is the second Labour MP to come out and take a stand on the issue of racism lately. David Shearer did it on Facebook in response to the comments made my Steve Gibson. Social media provides the opportunity for multiple members of the same party to express their views on an issue, to their own distinct followings, in ways that fit with their approach. It also means that the comments carry more weight, instead of being just a single press release, or comment in a media stand up, you end up with 5, 10, 15 or more people making the same comment/type of comment to their supporters. Which gives the image of broad support for the view. As opposed to just those with control of the press releases saying what they think the electorate wants to hear.