Te Ururoa Flavell and Cabinet

Yesterday was the day when the new Cabinet was sworn in at Government House. There were a number of new Ministers in there, David Seymour, Maggie Barry, Paul Goldsmith, Louise Upston and Te Ururoa Flavell. It is Flavell’s post on Facebook that I want to talk about today.


I can only imagine how overwhelming the prospect of becoming a Minister would be. Especially walking into a role where you have to fill the shoes of someone like Pita Sharples. It is on this tone that Te Ururoa posted the following yesterday:


It is good to see a new Minister openly talking about the nerves they have about taking up the job, but at the same finding out that they are fully up to what lays before them. So much of what we see on social media from politicans is of the “I did this, I did that, I am going to be here, I am going to be there” format, or it is low level discussion among MPs and followers about issues in the media. It is rare to get a bit of an insight into what Ministers are thinking about their actual role, as opposed to the issues they face. I hope Flavell keeps up things like this. He and Marama have a hard job this term, trying to build support for their party, while achieving policy aims in government. Little insights like this could play a key role in helping them do that.