The sign of a good parody account? Asenati Taylor(‘s staff) goes on the offensive.

What is the sign of a good parody account? Is it someone having to do “damage control” to point people at the right account? That is what happened today. A number of people that I follow, from just average voters, through to Ministers of the Crown, have been getting tweets from an account, @epsa1esana, telling them that the account @asenatitaylormp is a parody account, and pointing them at the correct account.


When challenged on why they were doing this, the claim of “being asked to take damage control” was given:


Following asking that question I got a DM from the person saying that they are employed by “Mrs Asenati Lole-Taylor”(which I confirmed via LinkedIn). So Asenati obviously feels threatened enough by the Parody account, and that it might be mistaken for her real account, to task staff time to clear it up. I just did a quick count, and in the space of 30 min, @epsa1esana has sent over 100 of the tweets, which is where I stopped counting, to people to make it clear that it is a parody. Why they haven’t just reported it as an account that breaches the Twitter rules on parodies, I dont know.



Epifania has gone on to use Twitter to make some attacks on people involved.