A great idea from @NZGreens

Every week, TVNZ have their political panel show, QandA. This morning Russel Norman was on the show. During the broadcast, the Green Party Account was Tweeting graphics directly related to Russel’s talking points.








I think this is a great idea. There are lots of people who watch shows like QandA, and the debates when they happen, who will also be on some form of social media. Shows like QandA give politicians more time to talk in depth about things than a 30 sec news story does. However, it can still be hard to get all the detail across in that time. Having a live Tweeting of more detailed graphics or information to go with it is something I would be keen to see more parties do. They don’t have to be super polished. These ones look like very simple graphs that have come from a spreadsheet.


Social media does not have to be a stand alone project, it can, and should, to interface with other media.



  1. In what sense are there lots of people who watch shows like Q+A?


    • In the sense that I meant lots of people who watch it AND use social media at the same time. Lots in the sense of a proportion of those watching.

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