Colin Craig and old tweets

I have seen something from a little while ago cropping up a couple of times on Twitter today. It is a Tweet from Colin Craig. I thought when I saw it the first time that that might be the only time it turned up. But I have since seen it a number of times.


This tweet resurfacing two years later, to the day, raises a point that all MPs and candidates should appreciate. Tweets stay around forever. Once they are sent, assume that someone has a copy. So even if you delete it, it will still be there. Think about things before you tweet them. However, I don’t think that would have stopped Colin Craig in this case. Megapope observes:

Megapope__Megapope__on_Twitter 2

As I pointed out in my post about Kim Dotcom and the Internet Party on Saturday, tweets, and social media in general,  help contribute to a public image of the sort of person or organisation you are. Remember this when you are tweeting.