David Cunliffe and selfies

Two tweets came across my timeline last night, and they really stood out. They were both from David Cunliffe’s account. One is an original tweet from him and the other is a retweet.



John Key is known for his willingness to take part in selfies, but it is not something that David Cunliffe has much of a track record doing. As John Key noted on Breakfast the other day, whenever he turns up to a university campus, or a school, a large number of the students are trying to get selfies with him. There is a debate to be had, that others are better suited to have,  about if that is a sign of support, or if it is just a sign that students see him as approachable and relaxed. But it is one place where there is a clear, perceived difference between the two leaders. To date David’s account has taken a similar line to John’s account, in sticking to message and not really showing much personality. The issue with that is the fact that John shows his relaxed personality in person, and has been engaging in things like selfies with people for a number of years. I can remember them as far back as the Rugby World Cup victory parade in Wellington, without even trying. So his account hasn’t need to promote them. But David has only had a year to build profile as leader, he has always come across, from what I have seen in the media and online, as rather serious. But this could be changing. I just wonder if it is A) too late, B) going to come across as trying too hard to connect.


He has continued this tone today, including making it obvious that he, himself, is now actively using the account.


Hopefully this will continue.