David Cunliffe “talking jobs”

In my post yesterday about Labour’s problems running deeper, David Cunliffe was in Kawerau, he was talking about jobs. He obviously spent the day there. It is good to see him getting out into provinces and talking to people. However, I would question the image that he is portraying on social media.


Below is the image that was posted to his Twitter account just after 4pm yesterday. The message that they obviously want to portray is one of David Cunliffe listening to what people in the community and the provinces have to say. However the message this image presents is someone who isn’t listening, someone trying to look like they are actually engaged or listening, but isn’t really. If you are going to try to push a message of listening, then make sure the MP, or party leader, isn’t wearing ear muffs. Even if he had them around his neck, so there is still the message about health and safety.

cunliffe ear muffs


As much as social media is about informal communications, and connecting with people, it is still a form of media and needs to be taken seriously by those who are in charge of promoting the image of party leaders.