David Seymour and Twitter

I have already blogged about how David Seymour used Facebook and Twitter to disseminate information about what was happening in relation to the power outage. Earlier in the day, when it was still unclear how long the issue was going to persist, he got a rather interesting tweet. My reading of the tweet is that it comes with a sarcastic element to it. But I am impressed by how David has replied:


He has responded with practical advice, instead of either ignoring it, or engaging in return sarcasm. Since becoming an MP David hasn’t really put a foot majorly wrong. This hasn’t gone unnoticed:


From what I have seen of David, both during the campaign and since the election as well as online and in the media, he is a good exponent of retail politics. Just like Jacinda Ardern and Nikki Kaye in Auckland Central, he has got out and door knocked the electorate. He has taken this online with his Twitter presence, he seems to engage and answer questions. Will this continue as the parliamentary term ramps up and his work load increases? We see Ministers who have had large online presences, Steven Joyce and Judith Collins jump to mind, but will David keep it up? I hope so. Presenting a more human and engaging face to the ACT party may help it rebuild itself, not that it alone will fix the issues that ACT face, but it may help. Though as a sole MP David needs to do as much as he can to build the profile and reputation of the party, so hopefully this will lead to him sticking around.