Greens: #LoveNZ

This morning the Greens have announced their campaign theme, along with the first few images they are going to use. Their hashtags are #Greens2014 and #LoveNZ. I have only seen one of their images on social media so far, but I will comment on some elements that I have seen in the images coming out of their press event. The first image I have seen is this:

greens 5

Since this is only the launch of the campaign, and the theme they are going with, it is hard to comment on how they will go down. However, it does fit with the attitude I have seen from many Green supporters. That of loving New Zealand, but not where they see New Zealand as being at. On this point, Katie Bradford observes:




One thing that jumped out at me about the image on Facebook was the scan line type lines on the image. I was wondering if these were related to how they are going to present the images on social media. But going by the look of the printed versions posted by Russel Norman, that isn’t the case.


It will be interesting to see how this campaign plays out, what other images they use. Will we see this theme being used in conjunction with GIFs that the Greens have started to use?