Hashtags…..they aren’t that hard, are they? #KeyvsCunliffe?

Tonight is the Stuff/Christchurch Press debate. It is being carried live on Stuff. As with any modern political debate it has it’s own hashtag, #KeyvCunliffe, as can be seen being used by Stuff.


As part of this, Labour tweeted the following image:


Which as you can see has the correct hashtag in it. But to support this, they have an online system set up to help you tweet this same graphic, all to help fill the #KeyvCunliffe hashtag with pro Labour sentiment. I had a quick look at it, and it is a very easy system to use. Made up of a series of click along questions:







When you click on the Tweet button under the image on the page, there is an issue.


It uses the wrong hashtag. So all afternoon there have been Labour supporters tweeting this image, in an attempt to fill the hashtag with Labour graphics, but they have been tweeting to the wrong hashtag. What I don’t understand is that they have got the hashtag right on the page, they tell users what hashtag to manually tweet to, but somehow they have let the incorrect text get into the settings for tweeting that graphic. They have even used the correct one when they tweeted the graphic themselves. So not only have they failed to achieve filling the hashtag with Labour graphics and tweets, but they will also now have a number of users out there who may tweet to the wrong hashtag during the debate as well.