Lookout behind!

Lookout behind is not really a warning you would expect to be given to MPs about social media. But it is something to be kept in mind. Many MPs are posting images to show what they have been up to, where they have been, or any number of other reasons. However, one thing they need to do is keep an eye out on what is in the background of their photos.


Last night Tracey Martin tweeted a photo of the new notice board going up outside of her office. Now in most cases I would have a look at a photo like that, then move on. But something caught my eye.

nzfirst 2

In the top right corner there is a web address. I hadn’t seen it before, and a .tv address is not the most common address around. So I had to go have a look. I was expecting to see something like an old NZ First Website, or a new one, or an attempt at a NZ First online TV channel. But this is what was there:

nz first

When I saw it, I had to do some digging to find out exactly what it was. According to my source it was a website developed for NZ First in the lead up to the 2011 election to be used as an interactive campaign tool. My source believes it was intended to be used mainly inside the party.


Now this isn’t the most interesting think to mistakenly have in the back of a photo, but it should serve as a warning to MPs. Be careful what is in the background.