Metiria, Chris and the Keys.

Over the weekend, another story made it into the media about Steffi Key’s photographic work in Paris. This isn’t the first time that the PM’s daughter’s photographic work has made it into the media, she also made it into the media last year. However, this time, there is a difference. This time there has been an attempt to use her to attack the PM. I am not going to comment on this attack, or on Steffi’s images, however what I do want to comment on is the tweets sent by Meteria Turei and Chris Hipkins.

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They both have a point. If kids are staying out of the political debate, then they should be left alone as a political target. The comment that has been made that pretty much sums up my view of it is this:

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It is nice to see MPs from different parties agreeing about what is in bounds and what is out of bounds. Hopefully this consensus can be protected and moved forward. There are plenty of policy areas to debate, we don’t need to lower ourselves to attacking MPs through their kids.