Miley and David?

During the campaign David Seymour made much of the fact that he was aiming to knock on every door in the Epsom electorate. I am not sure how he got on with that goal, but by the sounds of it he is a great exponent of retail politics. It looks like he plans on keeping it up during the coming term:


I am liking David’s Twitter presence. He isn’t taking himself too seriously, which is a bit of a change from John Banks.


David does face the issue that there are many out there who feel, rightly or wrongly, that he was handed the victory in Epsom. So he has a point to prove, that he is there to be a good local MP. But no matter how many doors you knock on, the only people who really know that you did it are those who you door knock. But David’s role, as Act’s sole MP, is to help rebuild the parties brand. It looks like that he is using Twitter, and Facebook, as part of this, to get the message out to others that he is taking his role as a local seriously, but at the same time not too seriously.