Off air tomorrow and potential election night coverage

This blog will be off the air tomorrow. No posts until after 7pm. This is to comply with election related rules. I am on the road all day, heading down to Gisborne for an election night party, so it is unlikely that I would be posting.. But this does mean that this weeks twitter stats post will be delayed until after 7pm tomorrow. Please have a read of the Stuff article from today outlining the rules around the use of social media:

Watch what you tweet tomorrow – it could cost you $20,000.

Election officials are reminding users of Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media that they are under the same rules as the mainstream news media when it comes to publishing political messages on election day.

All I plan on tweeting is Instagram stuff from my trip.


I am not sure how I am going to cover election night at the moment. A lot of it will be over on my Twitter account. But I am also probably going to be covering some of the interesting tweets and graphics that come out here on the blog.