Overseas voters: National

I have already blogged, here, about National’s efforts to get overseas voters enrolled and voting. They have put out another graphic recently.


As a bit of a nerd, the first thing I did was check that the clocks are all correct. Which they appear to be, for this time of year. Simplicity rules and this image achieves this. I do have to give National credit that the graphic is focused more on getting people to enrol and vote, than getting National supporters to enrol and vote. Now obviously this graphic is going to be seen more by those who support National. But it is not an overt vote National graphic.


It is interesting that Labour don’t appear to be running an overseas enrolment drive. The Greens have it with the Greens UK and Greens US pages. Plus the Greens have branches Melbourne, London and Melbourne. I believe they are also looking to form more.  National did try and run an InterNats campaign at the last election. But that had limited results.