The Greens and live streaming

This morning the Green Party announced its plans for a for profit green investment bank. What was different about this announcement was the fact that it was live streamed. With the advent of free, or low cost, live streaming services, I am surprised this hasn’t happened before. The earliest I can see on the Greens timeline of them tweeting about it was last night around 6pm:



This was followed up by a tweet this morning:

Untitled 1


Neither of which I saw. However I did see Russel’s tweet this morning, 5 min before the event started:

Untitled 2


Now I am surprised that live streams like this, run by the parties as opposed to the media organisations, are not more common. They provide another medium for the parties to use to get their message out there more directly. Without so much influence from the mainstream media. It is possible to use the webcam in a laptop to undertake this, however, if you are going to do it, it should be done right and to a high quality. This can involve significant one off expenditure, but there can be other benefits, like having a recording of the event that can then be cut up and used in other promo material.


I had a quick listen to the live stream, but one thing I did notice was some of the comments were related to the sound quality. Things like that can really detract from the experience and usefulness of something like a live feed.


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So it is good to see the Greens doing this, however there are a few places for improvement. Better, longer, wider promotion of the event and its livestreamed nature, with better audio, and visual quality. To get better at things, first you have to actually do things. Which non of the other parties are doing.