The point I am trying to make: Shane Jones, Andrew Little and social media habits

In the last week or so I have written a blog post about Shane Jones and Andrew Little and possible leadership challenges, or destabilisation campaigns. The aim of this post is to explain the deeper meaning and aim behind those posts.


As with any form of online communication/interaction, social media leaves a foot print. It establishes patterns. However, due to its public and long term nature, it is possible to look back and establish possible relationships between events and Tweets, or lack of Tweets.


Just like any other activity, MPs should attempt to establish solid base levels of activity. It is not uncommon for sudden changes in MPs activities to be questioned. Social media is the same. When an MP suddenly changes their habits, one has to ask what might be driving this? Could this be related to other things happening in politics?


If MPs make a habit of regularly attending a local weekend market, or going to weekend sports around their electorate and establish a track record, people are not going to question them doing things like that at election time. However if they start doing it 6 months out from an election, questions would be asked. If MPs have a consistent level and style of usage on social media, they are going to be less susceptible to questions around their activity.