This is why you don’t link your Facebook and Twitter accounts

One thing I am not a fan of is Facebook and Twitter accounts that are linked. Especially for acocunts that are not highly active. I have my photography page linked to my Twitter account but I don’t post much to my photography page and my Twitter account is pretty active. But I find people who have their Twitter accounts set up to post to their Facebook pages/profiles annoying. Content that works on Twitter is less likely to work on Facebook. The other risk is you end up with things like this:

wade brown

It is obvious that she has made a mistake with her tweet, which we have all done. It has been caught and deleted on her Twitter account:


So someone has forgotten that they are linked together so the tweet has snuck onto her Facebook. What makes it worse is that it is still there at least an hour after it went up. If you are going to have your accounts linked and you make a mistake, make sure that you get rid of it from all the different platforms. Deleting it from Twitter doesn’t get rid of it from the other platforms.