Twitter Conversation of the Day 17 August: Peter and George

The Greens have announced their child poverty/tax policy today. It involves a top tax rate of 40% for income over $140,000. This has prompted Peter Dunne to tweet the following:


Unsurprisingly this prompted a bit of a reaction, but the one in particular I think is worthy of attention is George’s:


To which Peter responded:


Now at this stage, I would have expected many other Twitter users to continue down the line of argument they had been going. But George doesn’t:




This exchange highlights, once again, the potential issue of a lack of tone changing how different people read the same tweet. But at the same time, it also shows that there are some decent Twitter users out there who are willing to engage in reasoned debate and admit when they are wrong. As well as there being MPs who are willing to do the same, and not get overly defensive when there is a misunderstanding.