Twitter conversation of the day 29 July: Trevor and Graeme

Today is 100 years since the outbreak of World War I. Labour have been using this as a way to talk about their War Pensions policy again:


Following this Graeme Edgeler, one of the resident pedants on Twitter in NZ, chipped in with the following:

Twitter___GraemeEdgeler___TrevorMallard_all_those_who____ 2

Now based off the text of the tweet vs the text in the image, this is a relevant question. Trevor’s reply was:

Twitter___GraemeEdgeler___TrevorMallard_all_those_who____ 3

Which is a rather blunt reply. Others have commented on this in reply:


Jonathan has a good point. If you are going to use language loosely on social media, expect to be called on it. If the person asking the question had been anyone else, would Trevor have replied with an answer?