What was he thinking?

Now, our MPs are not traditionally known as great writers or poets. Sadly we do not have someone in our parliament, with the on going way with words that someone like Winston Churchill had. But we must credit them when they try. Which is what Winston Peters has done today.

winston 1


Now I suspect what Winston was going for was something a little funny that will get retweets. Which I suspect he has achieved to a point. But one has to wonder how many of the retweets are supportive and actually find it funny, and how many of them are laughing at him.


The initial response to the tweet seems to indicate that it hasn’t been taken well. They haven’t been very kinda.

winston two



Ben Hurley has picked up on it and been pretty blunt about his views on it.

winston 3


As have those who have replied to his tweet.

winston 4


One important thing to remember when creating content is, make sure it is actually going to achieve what you want it to. Make sure you get outside your own echo chamber, and don’t assume that just because you find something funny that others will. Especially on a medium that has no real sense of tone.