Jami-Lee Ross and Wikipedia edits

Since the release of Dirty Politics last week, there has been reference to the alleged editing of Labour MPs wikipedia pages by those mentioned in the book. I don’t think the malicious editing of Wikipedia pages is a acceptable form of political engagement. However, if you are an elected office holder, it is sadly something that does happen. It has apparently happened to Jami-Lee Ross. Who took to Twitter with it:


Considering the alleged edits that have been being undertaken by those mentioned in the book, these alleged edits are at the lower end of the spectrum. What makes Jami-Lee’s tweet more interesting is the number and content of the images included in it.


It is obvious from the time at the top of the screen grabs and the corresponding dates on the posts, that Jami-Lee has felt the need to go back and find these posts, just to make his point. It comes across as if Jami-Lee is taking the actions very personally.  Is the issue of someone editing your name on Wikipedia really worth kicking up a fuss about, particularly in the days following the allegations in Nicky Hager’s book? Why not just quietly fix it and move on? Things like this probably happen more often than we know about. By complaining about it, all he is going to achieve is attracting attention and negative comments:



With the possibility of more allegations to come from the hacking of Cameron Slaters emails, this time should really be about National MPs and candidates keeping their heads down when it comes to allegations of this sort. The public are not going to give them any sympathy, especially when the evidence is as weak as Jami-Lee is presenting. Six weeks ago this may have been something worth drawing attention to, but right now all that will be achieved is negative attention.