Murray Guy vs. Brendan Horan

Murray Guy is a former Tauranga City Councillor. According to comments on Murray Guy’s Facebook profile, he is a nominee to be New Zealand First candidate for Winston’s old seat of Tauranga.

horan 3


A source close to the New Zealand First party has confirmed that he is the only nominee and that the talk in the party is that Murray will get a list ranking somewhere between 6 and 8.


All of this is background to the interesting tweet that he sent last night. Now I know that Brendan Horan doesn’t have the greatest public image. He has been subject to a number of allegations, both from within his family and within his former party. However, from all that I have seen, it is not possible to seriously suggest that he doesn’t care about the Tauranga area.


Around 5pm on Friday night the Bay of Plenty Times published a story, Brendan Horan in Tauranga Hospitalwith the following quote:

“He told me he suspects he got blood poisoning from a wound on his leg that got infected from checking out polluted streams in the Bay,” said Mr Kane.

Blood poisoning is not something to be laughed at. It can be a very serious condition. So what does Murray Guy do? He sends the following Tweet:

horan 1


I am not sure what he is trying to suggest with this tweet. But it is not becoming of a potential candidate and someone who wants to be an MP.