Twitter conversation of the day 20 June: David Farrar and Idiot/Savant

Normally the Twitter conversation of the day posts focus on lighthearted, fun interactions between reporters, MPs and political commentators. But today’s is a little more serious. One of my pet peeves is the state of political debate in the country. The fact that both sides resort to abusing and denigrating each other. The use of questionable representations of what the other side believes, and the many other tricks and attacks that go on.


Earlier today I spotted this exchange between David Farrar, of Kiwiblog, and Idiot/Savant, of No Right Turn.


Neither side really comes out of it looking that great. I know David will have been trying to be funny, but it is another example of one side playing on the stereotypes of the other side. Idiot/Savant just goes right for the abuse, which again, doesn’t look good.


Contrast that with this exchange, from the same initial tweet:


Andrew’s tweet has a much more neutral tone, with David engaging in reasonable debate.


The question of what to do about the trees that were blown down is one that should be debated, as there is obviously more than one option, but it doesn’t need to degenerate into abuse, from either side.