Where to from here?

So this year has flown by. When I started this blog I was expecting to get somewhere between 100 and 200 unique visits a month, mainly from friends, and I had planned on using this blog more as a public note pad than anything else. But that changed rather quickly. July I broke 10,000 unique visits for the first time. I just missed out on 10,000 unique visits in August, but I am well on track for 10,000 this month, and it is entirely possible that I will hit 11,000 this month.


So this blog has been a lot more successful than I had expected. So I would like to say thank you to all of you who have helped get me those numbers. All of you who have pointed out things that I have missed. Corrected the errors I have made, both factual and spelling. Pointed me at new tools. As well as the many other things that have been done to help this blog become what it has become.


Where to from here? I am planning to do posts summing up the highlights and lowlights of each of the parties campaigns. But this will take a bit of time. Lots to go through and I need to get back on top of uni work. But after that I plan to keep this blog going. It may not has as many posts day to day, but we will see. I hope to do some more in depth blogging. Once all the specials are in and we have a full and final list of new MPs I will do a profile on some of them. I will also try and build a list of all the accounts of current MPs so you can follow them all.


I also plan on keep an eye on MPs, parties and others inovlved in politics, and holding them to account for their online actions. As the Greens told their candidates and staffers “Beveridge is always watching”


If anyone has any ideas on anything else they would like to see, feel free to contact me.