Who let the Maori Party loose in the clip art folder?

For a small party, with what I assume is a pretty limited budget, the Maori Party have been doing a pretty good job on the whole with their social media graphics, graphics like this:


But that has changed. I spotted this one today:

clip art

This is a series of images that was posted on Te Ururora’s Facebook page. As the title asks, who let them loose in the clip art folder? This looks like it was made in Word. All of the images have a similar look to them. They are not anywhere near the quality of the graphics that the Maori Party have been producing. Social media is partly about establishing an image for your organisation. One that you maintain. Posting images like this will distract from the image of a well organised, effective party that takes its image seriously.


I did see this comment from Te Ururoa:


This may be the case, but the party should have a process in place to help maintain the quality of the graphics being produced. This could be as complex as a number of graphic templates prepared that campaigns and electorates can use by just dropping in text or images. Or it could be as simple as a style guide that people can use to build graphics from scratch. But I think for most parties, particularly when you are working at an electorate campaign level, premade templates would be the best option.