Eugenie Sage fails to grasp key facts

Today the National Party announced plans, if they are returned to office, to fold CERA into the DPMC.


Eugenie has responded to this annoucement:


This has also been retweeted by the Greens account:


Now I am sure there are some out there who are not clear on the difference between the Prime Ministers Office, which is the office those alleged to be part of dirty politics work for, and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, who are staunchly apolitical. DPMC staffers stay on after any particular government is voted out. Should we expect our MPs to know the difference between the PMO and the DPMC? Should we also expect parties, and those who work for them, to know the difference? Eugenie has had her error pointed out to her, but hasn’t made any comment on this:


Now there is a debate to be had about the question of if moving CERA within DPMC is the best way forward or not. But MPs should not be using lack of knowledge of the key differences between Government Departments as a way to score cheap political points.