Act Candidate Endorses Vigilante Action?

Well, it has been a while since I last posted on here, but it is election time again. With the collapse of Twitter into a far-right wing cesspit echo chamber, and the rise of Threads, which has its own problems, it is going to be an interesting election. However, I suspect many of the issues we have seen in previous elections will pop up again. Such as candidates trying to engage with voters, and in doing so endorsing ideas that they maybe shouldn’t. Like our first 2023 candidate to be featured on this blog, Act’s Hamilton West candidate Susan Stevenson.


Tonight in the Nawton Community Group Facebook group an anonymous member posted a completely unsubstantiated story trying to scare up fears about raising crime, and a new style of crime that is apparently occurring in Hamilton.


Not only was Susan the first to comment on this anonymously posted, corroboration free post, but her reply to a member’s post that advocates for vigilante style retribution on those apparently carrying out these acts is extremely close to encouraging that style of vigilante justice.




Unbeknownst to me when I was writing this post, today David Seymour made comments in the media about how he dreams of sending in someone like Guy Fawkes to blow up the Ministry of Pacific Peoples