Ex-MPs: Updated or not?

I blogged the other day about Claudette Hauiti not updating her Twitter profile to reflect the fact that she is no longer an MP. This morning I got a tip off about another former National MP who hasn’t updated their… Continue Reading

Twitter Stats: 19 September

  Most Tweets by an MP: National: Tau Henare 185, John Key 41, Nikki Kaye 40. Labour: Clare Curran 329, Trevor Mallard 114, David Cunliffe 77. Greens: Metiria Turei 383, Russel Norman 195, Kevin Hague 183. NZF: Winston Peters 65,… Continue Reading

Twitter Stats 13 September

  Most Tweets by an MP: National: Tau Henare 428, Nikki Kaye 45, Paul Foster Bell 30. Labour: Clare Curran 244, Trevor Mallard 156, Ruth Dyson 79. Greens: Metiria Turei 413, Julie Anne Genter 203, Gareth Hughes 201. NZF: Tracey… Continue Reading

Twitter Stats: 30 May

Most Tweets by MP: National: Tau Henare 243, Steven Joyce 33, Chris Tremain 30. Labour: Clare Curran 246, Trevor Mallard 84, Ruth Dyson 77. Greens: Julie Anne Genter 142, Metiria Turei 119, Russel Norman 97. NZF: Tracey Martin 8, Winston… Continue Reading