New Zealand Government Social Media Accounts

Recently on Twitter a friend asked if anyone knew of which New Zealand Government departments were on Twitter. As I wasn’t aware of a single list I decided to create one. In fact I went one better and made one for Facebook as well. I worked form this list of government agencies. I checked the front page of each agencies website for a link to their Twitter account or Facebook page. If there wasn’t one present I checked their contact page as well. If they listed a number I added the most relevant ones. I have excluded local government accounts. If there is demand I may create those lists in the future. I know this most likely means there is a large number of accounts I have missed, but I will keep working on adding them as I come across them. If you know of any that I have missed, please tweet or email me and I will add them. Please feel free to share these lists around.


New Zealand Government Facebook Pages List.  207 pages as at 23 April 2016.


New Zealand Government Twitter Accounts List. 197 accounts as at 23 April 2016.