Twitter Stats 11 July

Most Tweets by an MP: National: Tau Henare 370, Claudette Hauiti 42, Paul Foster Bell 30. Labour: Clare Curran 174, Trevor Mallard 105, Chris Hipkins 78 Greens: Gareth Hughes 78, Russel Norman 65, Kevin Hague 64. NZF: Tracey Martin 59, Asenati… Continue Reading

Twitter Stats: 20 June

Another week, another new category. At the end of this post you will find the stats for candidates. I am not dividing it by party, but I am doing a top 5. As new candidates are added, they will start… Continue Reading

Twitter Stats: 13 June

It has been a non sitting week this week, so it is too be expected that MPs will be a bit less active on Twitter. This is the case, apart from the high profile users, who are still pretty active.… Continue Reading

Twitter Stats: 23 May

Most Tweets: National: Tau Henare 382, Claudette Hauiti 48, Paul Foster Bell 38. Labour: Clare Curran 180, Trevor Mallard 103, Ruth Dyson 48. (Kelvin Davis excluded due to single data point, Shane Jones excluded due to leaving) Greens: Kevin Hague… Continue Reading