Hauiti – To the last

I am sure we all remember Claudette Hauiti and the fact that she stood down as a candidate in the lead up to the election following revelations that she had incorrectly used her parliamentary perks. Well it looks like she is still claiming, at least on her Twitter profile, that she is a National List MP:

claudette 2

Now if this was the 20th of September, election day, and she had only stopped being an MP then, I would let it slide. But it is the 20th of October, a month to the day after election day. She still hasn’t changed the details. She has been online in the intervening month:


So it isn’t like she has just stopped tweeting, and the account is now defunct. Surely if you step down as an MP, or do not seek reelection, then you would take steps to make sure you are not claiming to still be an MP a month after the election. Or is this another case of actions on social media being indicative of deeper personality elements.



Not long after I posted this I got the following reply from Claudette:


I have just checked and she has updated her bio:


Why it took a month, and a prod, I don’t know.