Twitter stats 22 August

  Most Tweets by an MP: National: Tau Henare 306, Jami-Lee Ross 41, Melissa Lee 40. Labour: Clare Curran 149, Trevor Mallard 146, Chris Hipkins 117. Greens: Russel Norman 180, Julie Anne Genter 164, Metiria Turei 130. NZF: Tracey Martin… Continue Reading

MPs response to the storm in Auckland

The country is having a bit of a rough time at the moment weather wise. Auckland has been hit particularly hard. Now it isn’t a major storm, but there have been wide spread, long duration power cuts, trees down, boats… Continue Reading

Twitter Stats: 6 June

What is not really surprising about this weeks stats is the fact the Greens led the field this week for most tweets from a party account, since they did have their AGM last week, which I blogged about here. But it is… Continue Reading

Twitter Conversation of the day: Clare Curran, Cactus Kate, Mark Mitchell.

Today’s converasation is one where no single person involved has really covered themselves in glory. I have no issue with Clare raising the issue she has raised, but the responses from all involved kinda spiralled out of control a bit.… Continue Reading