Twitter Stats: 6 June

What is not really surprising about this weeks stats is the fact the Greens led the field this week for most tweets from a party account, since they did have their AGM last week, which I blogged about here. But it is surprising they sent more tweets than all the other parties combined. Again, the Internet Party are up there, which isn’t that surprising. However the appearance of the Maori Party in the top 3 for new favourites this week is rather surprising.


The big shock of the week is the number of National MPs who are on Twitter but didn’t tweet. More than 1 in 3 sent no tweets at all. Now it is a non sitting week, so one would expect activity to be down a bit, but it is still rather surprising. This lack of activity has been reflected in the National being at the tail end of the average stats.


Kelvin Davis has made a solid start to his life (again) as an MP. Will be following him closely to see if it is just a good start, or if he keeps it up.


Most Tweets by an MP:

National: Tau Henare 203, Paul Foster Bell 54, Steven Joyce 36.

Labour: Clare Curran 120, Trevor Mallard 94, Ruth Dyson and Kelvin Davis 54.

Greens: Russel Norman 131, Julie Anne Genter 126, Kevin Hague 112

NZF: Tracey Martin 37, Asenati Taylor and Richard Prosser 4

Others: Te Ururoa Flavell 30, Peter Dunne 27

Most New Followers by an MP:

National: John Key 317, Steven Joyce 82, Nikki Kaye 67.

Labour: Jacinda Ardern 162, David Cunliffe 133, Kelvin Davis 77.

Greens: Russel Norman 115, Metiria Turei 89, Julie Anne Genter 54.

NZF: Winston Peters 109, Tracey Martin 15

Others: Te Ururoa Flavell 49, Tariana Turia 34.


Most New Favourites:

National: Tau Henare 115, Paul Foster Bell 61, Mark Mitchell 18

Labour: Kelvin Davis 36, Nanaia Mahuta 33, David Clark 26.

Greens: Kevin Hague 126, Julie Anne Genter 106, Metiria Turei 40

NZF: None

Others: Te Ururoa Flavell 38, Peter Dunne 3.


Average Tweets per MP:

National: 11.52

Labour: 19.91

Greens: 52.5

NZF: 11.75

Others: 8.43


Average New Followers per MP:

National: 24.48

Labour: 30.66

Greens: 39.57

NZF: 36.25

Others: 23.43


Zero Tweet MPs:

National: 18 (36%)

Labour: 8 (25%)

Greens: 0 (0%)



Most Tweets: Greens 205, Internet Party 99, Labour 22

Most New Followers: Internet Party 207, Greens 131, Labour 73.

Most New Favourites: Greens 96, Internet Party 73, Maori Party 14.




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