Jo Hayes…

I am really not sure what to make of this tweet from Jo Hayes, so going to leave it here, without any real comment, just for posterity’s sake!


Jo Hayes Tweet



Stuff have picked up on Jo Hayes tweet from this morning, and despite the headline, she is rather excited she made the news…


And her explanation for it is:


This view clashes with my thoughts on it that have evolved as I have thought about it during the day. A tweet like this is going to play well to a small subset of the National Party base, but for most people it is going to come across as sycophantic, with a serious lack of self awareness. So the potential upside for Jo Hayes was that it was going to play well with a small percentage of her small number of followers, with the down side, that has been realised, that it would be received badly by a number of people, and would then get picked up by the media. Meaning that it would be seen by a lot more people, the majority of whom would not receive it positively. Once again a back bench MP has failed to realise that the potential down side to being a smart arse on Twitter is significantly bigger than the potential up side… if there is one at all…