Twitter Stats 7 November

  Most Tweets by an MP: National: Chris Bishop 59, Jonathan Coleman 37, Simon O’Connor 25. Labour: Ruth Dyson 96, Trevor Mallard 56, Phil Twyford and Clare Curran 47. Greens: James Shaw 78, Catherine Delahunty 74, Russel Norman 70. NZF:… Continue Reading

Twitter Stats: 24 October

  Most Tweets by an MP: National: Chris Bishop 54, Simon O’Connor 48, Jo Goodhew 33. Labour: Clare Curran 89, Trevor Mallard 85, Ruth Dyson 76. Greens: Catherine Delahunty 124, Russel Norman 59, James Shaw 53. NZF: Tracey Martin 26,… Continue Reading

Twitter Stats 17 October

  Most Tweets by an MP: National: Jo Goodhew 31, Chris Bishop 22, Melissa Lee 16. Labour: Clare Curran 118, Trevor Mallard 69, Ruth Dyson 25. Greens: James Shaw 37, Metiria Turei 36, Kevin Hague 34. NZF: Tracey Martin 11,… Continue Reading

Twitter Stats 20th September to 3 October

Twitter stats are back for the new term. I was on the road for the week after the election and so didn’t get a chance to rebuild the data collection to get rid of the candidates and add all the… Continue Reading

Twitter Stats 13 September

  Most Tweets by an MP: National: Tau Henare 428, Nikki Kaye 45, Paul Foster Bell 30. Labour: Clare Curran 244, Trevor Mallard 156, Ruth Dyson 79. Greens: Metiria Turei 413, Julie Anne Genter 203, Gareth Hughes 201. NZF: Tracey… Continue Reading