Twitter Stats 13 September

  Most Tweets by an MP: National: Tau Henare 428, Nikki Kaye 45, Paul Foster Bell 30. Labour: Clare Curran 244, Trevor Mallard 156, Ruth Dyson 79. Greens: Metiria Turei 413, Julie Anne Genter 203, Gareth Hughes 201. NZF: Tracey… Continue Reading

Twitter Stats: 1 August

  Most Tweets by an MP: National: Tau Henare 278, Jo Goodhew 43, Simon O’Connor 36. Labour: Trevor Mallard 222, Clare Curran 166, Grant Robertson 101. Greens: Russel Norman 156, Metiria Turei 117, Gareth Hughes 111. NZF: Tracey Martin 17,… Continue Reading

MPs response to the storm in Auckland

The country is having a bit of a rough time at the moment weather wise. Auckland has been hit particularly hard. Now it isn’t a major storm, but there have been wide spread, long duration power cuts, trees down, boats… Continue Reading