Twitter Stats: 18 July

  Most Tweets by an MP: National: Tau Henare 302, Steven Joyce and Jo Goodhew 36, Simon O’Connor 28. Labour: Trevor Mallard 134, Clare Curran 129, Ruth Dyson 37. Greens: Russel Norman 94, Kevin Hague 86, Gareth Hughes 75. NZF:… Continue Reading

Twitter Stats 27 June

Just stats this week. Analysis will come when I get home from my break away in Gisborne.   Most Tweets by an MP: National: Tau Henare 448, Paul Foster Bell 48, Melissa Lee 44. Labour: Clare Curran 127, Trevor Mallard… Continue Reading

Twitter Stats: 16 May

Of course this week was Budget week, so a few anomalies are to be expected. Most Tweets: National: Tau Henare 123, Claudete Hauiti 42, Simon O’Connor 40. Labour: Clare Curran 167, Trevor Mallard 124, Ruth Dyson 71. Greens: Kevin Hague… Continue Reading