Social Media Audit 2017

As I did last election, I have just completed an audit of all the candidate Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and Instagram accounts that I have found so far. I have checked for obvious authorisation statements. A Facebook page passed if it had an authorisation statement visible on the front page, on the cover photo when opened, or on the about page. On Twitter there either had to be a statement visible in the cover photo when it loaded on a desktop computer, or in the biography section. An Instagram account needed the statement to be in the bio. I didn’t check if the authorisation statement was current, just that one was present.


In all cases of an image being the authorised element, it had to have text on the image, an image of say a car with an authorisation statement wasn’t counted.


Below are screen grabs, and links, to each page.



Out of 232 Facebook pages I found 21 without authorisation statements. (9.05%)




Out of 187 Twitter accounts I found 47 without authorisation statements. (25.13%)



Out of 116 Instagram accounts I found 15 without authorisation statements. (12.93%)