Twitter Conversation of the day: Clare Curran, Cactus Kate, Mark Mitchell.

Today’s converasation is one where no single person involved has really covered themselves in glory. I have no issue with Clare raising the issue she has raised, but the responses from all involved kinda spiralled out of control a bit.

clare 1

clare 2

clare 3

clare 4


Though, I do have to agree with Laura McQuillan, when she tweeted this:

clare 5



  1. So what’s Clare Curran’s response when she’s challenged? She bans Mark Mitchell. She used to be the same at Red Alert which I never visit now, and The Standard and The Daily Blog are the same.

    Why can’t the political Left engage with those who disagree with them for whatever reason?

    • Last post on Red Alert was 6th may, before that it was 10 March……

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