Twitter Stats: 13 June

It has been a non sitting week this week, so it is too be expected that MPs will be a bit less active on Twitter. This is the case, apart from the high profile users, who are still pretty active. It is still the usual people in the top 3 for all the parties.


The thing that doesn’t show up in these stats is that despite gaining 120 followers this week, David Cunliffe followed 140 new accounts. I am not able to tell which came first, David followed them and they followed back, or the other way around. But this is a trend that has been cropping up for a number of weeks. Nikki Kaye fell into the same category this week as well. So it is not limited to just David Cunliffe.


John Banks, in his last week as an MP, made a surprise appearance, gaining 17 new followers.


National still have a rather high rate of MPs who are on Twitter, but are not actively tweeting week to week.


Once again the Internet Party leads the other parties by a massive amount, by more than double in all categories. They are still in the same ball park of followers as Labour, and still trail the Greens significantly. Though the odd stand out is the Maori Party who make it into the top 3 for most tweets favourited. So someone is actively using their account, they just aren’t really tweeting from it.


We have a new category this week, the Press Gallery. I have culled out a number of member who are on Twitter, but are not active. This has left 28 members. This weeks most active member on Twitter was Jessica Williams from RadioLive. Though she has had an unusually active week. He daily average this week is just shy of double her normally daily average, gathered via twitonomy. So do not take this weeks details as indicative of how things will pan out in the future.


Most Tweets by an MP:

National: Tau Henare 289, Claudette Hauiti 37, Steven Joyce 31 .

Labour: Clare Curran 124, Trevor Mallard 93, Ruth Dyson 62.

Greens: Kevin Hague 79, Russel Norman 67, Gareth Hughes 63.

NZF: Tracey Martin 19, Asenati Taylor 9.

Others: Peter Dunne 46, Te Ururoa Flavell 38.

Most New Followers by an MP:

National: John Key 321, Judith Collins 100, Steven Joyce 85.

Labour: David Cunliffe 120, Jacinda Ardern 110, Grant Robertson 50.

Greens: Russel Norman 66, Gareth Hughes 37, Metiria Turei 34.

NZF: Winston Peters 43, Richard Prosser 9.

Others: Peter Dunne 30, John Banks 27.


Most New Favourites:

National: Tau Henare 158, Scott Simpson 43, Claudette Hauiti 23

Labour: Clare Curran 26, Grant Robertson 14, Ruth Dyson and David Clark 12.

Greens: Kevin Hauge 80, Julie Anne Genter 49, Gareth Hughes 23.

NZF: Asenati Taylor 3.

Others: Te Ururoa Flavell 39


Average Tweets per MP: 15.73

National: 13.64

Labour: 16.81

Greens: 24.36

NZF: 7

Others: 13.43



Average New Followers per MP: 20.95

National: 22.02

Labour: 19.81

Greens: 23.71

NZF: 15

Others: 16.43


Zero Tweet MPs:

National: 12 (24%)

Labour: 6 (18.75%)

Greens: 0



Most Tweets: Internet Party 131, Greens 36, National 29.

Most New Followers: Internet Party 220, Greens 81, Labour 77.

Most New Favourites: Internet Party 70, Maori Party 27, Greens 7.


Press Gallery: (7/6 to 13/6)

Most Tweets: Jessica Williams 455, Laura McQuillan 112, Felix Markwick 72.

Most New Followers: Patrick Gower 104, Corin Dann 47, Katie Bradford 38.

Most New Favourites: Laura McQuillan 103, Jessica Williams 89, Katie Bradford 36.